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Plastic Extrusion Machines is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery with independent design, development and production capabilities.

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Qingdao Plastic Extrusion Machines Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic extrusion machine manufacturer located on the shores of Jiaozhou Bay. Our company gathers the first-class technology in China and devotes to the research of new plastic machinery and the transformation of international high technology. We cooperate with scientific research institutes and higher education institutions to convert the latest scientific achievements at the fastest speed. We will provide you with high performance and high technology blister machines, hollow board machines, corrugated tube machines, PVC and WPC foam board machines.
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Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Plastic Extrusion Machines' ability to see us as a 'partner' rather than just another customer has allowed our company to grow and meet the ever-changing design, extrusion and pricing challenges we face on a daily basis."


Plastic Extrusion Machines attention to details involving quality, quick turnaround, competitive pricing and most important, on time deliveries, as been has been recognized & appreciated by our team.


Quick response, prompt delivery and good answers to my relevant queries, I was amazed at the professionalism of their team and look forward to working with them next time.


If you are looking for a professional extruder manufacturer, Plastic Extrusion Machines is the most professional seller, I visited their factory, with a professional design and development team, and a strong follow-up and maintenance team, is a trustworthy seller


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