The Basic Principles Of Pipes Extrusion

Pipe is a common plastic product, whether in electricity, drainage or construction. It is used in large quantities.

With the increased demand in the market, becoming a pipe manufacturer is a wise investment choice.

But along with this, the choice of high performance pipe extrusion equipment can be an extremely difficult task.

In response to this problem, we have provided a full explanation of pipe extrusion production principles to help you determine the most reasonable plastic extrusion machinery.

Principle of tube extrusion

The process by which powder or granular material is fed into the tube extrusion equipment, melted, extruded, cooled, cut and processed into specific shaped parts becomes the tube extrusion process. During the production process, we are also equipped with professional calibration to ensure the accuracy of the tubes as well as the profiles.

Here we talk about the specific process of tube foundation

The process of forming parts with smooth walls is equipped with a vacuum calibration process mode, where the vacuum generated outside the tube causes a pressure difference that increases the ductility of the polymer, ensuring that the outside diameter of the tube is equal to the inside diameter of the formed tube during the forming process.

The corrugated tube forming process is also equipped with a vacuum calibrated process mode and uses the pressurized pressure of the vacuum calibration to inject the material into the hot extruded tube, creating a pressure differential that causes a certain corrugation on the closing surface. The final desired corrugated tube material is achieved.

In order to avoid deformation of the tube during the haul-off process, we also need to feed the calibrated tube into the cooling equipment, which is more commonly water-cooled. This effectively reduces the scrap rate.

Once the cooling and forming is completed, the pipe is pulled by a traction device and extracted from the line, using an automated mode of production to reduce labor costs.

To meet the later sales as well as transportation, the tubes also need to be efficiently cut to form the same length. Our pipe base equipment, equipped with PLC control system, can be set in time regardless of having any required coffin length requirements.

General cutting equipment will exert a certain amount of pressure on the pipe, which will result in deformation.

And our high precision cutting machine for precise cutting of straight pipes and flaring with cutting trigger device can achieve high precision and zero error cutting.

Consult the professional pipe foundation equipment manufacturer now

As a professional plastic machinery manufacturer in China, we have a professional technical team to realize the independent research and development of machine head, cooling system and cutting system, which greatly and effectively improve the production efficiency of pipe foundation equipment. It has been recognized as well as used by several customers worldwide. Quickly contact engineers for customization.

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